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Personalised Santa phone messages

See your child's face light up

as they actually hear

Father Christmas talking to them!

Make Christmas

really special!

Mark Ryes is one of the leading Santa voiceover actors in the UK.

You'll have heard his Father Christmas on adverts, phone messages and at tourist attractions around the world.

Now the child in your family can experience the magic of

Father Christmas really talking to them... and you can see the joy on their face as they really do believe in what they're hearing. 


Please send the personalisation details via email to

and we'll create the audio magic

with a Santa message of one to two minutes long. 

Messages cost just £30 paid by either debit/credit card or PayPal - just press the Pay button below to be taken to the Pay Me website.

Recording will commence after payment has been received.


Please send us some brief details about the child or children that Santa will be talking to - like name, age, their town or city, what presents they're likely to ask Santa for, and any information about who they'll be spending Christmas Day with - it's all those little details that make the final recording so believable for young ears.

Have a look at our testimonials page to find out what people

ordering last year thought of their Santa message.

Full T&Cs below.

Santa messages.jpg

What you get when you order

You get sent an mp3 audio file to your email address containing a fully produced and personalised Santa message

of around one to two minutes in length.

We've found Santa messages work best if you play the message to the child from your smartphone on loud speaker, as if they've just missed a call from Santa, and he's left them a message! Lots of parents use a second smartphone to film the child listening to the message - so they can capture and keep the wonderment in their child's face when they hear Santa really talking to them. It makes a lovely video to send to aunties, uncles and grandparents too.

Santa messages cost £30 each and can include details of more than one child. Each message is one to two minutes long, so if more than one child is included, obviously there's less time for personalisation.


Please send the personalisation details via email to

and recording will commence after payment has been received.

Please use your email address as a reference on the payment page so the order can be matched up with the details.

T&Cs: Santa messages are all individually personalised,

pre-recorded and delivered to the adult ordering via email.

At no point do we speak live to, or have any contact with the child.

Your £30 cost includes studio hire, voice actor recording,

post production editing, processing and EQ,

mastering, and delivery on mp3 audio file format.
Changes to personalisation details requested after delivery are charged at a full new message cost.

Recordings are sent within five working days of booking.

Last booking time for delivery before Christmas Eve

 is Monday 18th December 2023 at midday.

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